August 2, 2021

Rahama Sadau: exposes bare-back in new photos causes mixed reactions

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Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau recently shared some stunning new photos on social media

Rahama Sadau recently shared some stunning new photos on social media

While others thought them beautiful, there were some who believed it was indecent considering the religion she practices

Rahama who is Muslim, neither covered her hair nor did she hide her revealing back

The northern actress is currently trending on Twitter with many people taking opposing sides

When it comes to religion and conservativeness in the north, it is often considered a black or white thing and not even celebrities are spared when caught erring.

Northern actress, Rahama Sadau, is one female celebrity who has been caught supposedly erring a couple of times and it appears she intends to keep doing her no matter whose ox is gored.

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Sadau, a practising Muslim who is popular as a Kannywood actress, recently shared some photos which have since stirred controversy online.

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In the photos, the actress shunned conservativeness as she donned a beige-coloured evening gown which showed off her back.

Not only did Sadau wear an open-back dress, but she also left her hair uncovered.

As expected, the photos which have since gone viral displeased a lot of people. Many tagged her immoral and accused her of promoting indecency, something Islam forbids.

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@Salman_Beeleri said nothing can justify the actress’ dressing.

Another tweep said there was no need for the first frame.

Adebayor decided to take a swipe at Christians.

However, there were those who slammed her critics for being hypocrites and not understanding priorities.

According to them, the issue of northern insecurity has been an issue for a long time but very few people gave it attention as they are giving the actress.

This is not the first time Sadau is riling up people with her sense of dressing. 

A year ago, she had some righteous northerners bash her after she released new stunning photos of herself.

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The young actress had hoped to appeal to her new group of fans and posed in a stylish mono-strap top that showed off her arm. 

Many agreed that she looked every shade of gorgeous and praised her for being very simple and classy.

However, her choice of outfit was not well received by some of her northern Muslim followers who reminded her that God frowned on such displays. 

They accused her of now being too famous to care about the instructions of the Prophet and warned her to repent before it is too late.

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