July 29, 2021

About Us

BLUE PEN” is a website that tends to bring people’s attension towards the needs to know what is happening to us the mercies.

It focused on latest news, in Hausa language which we have language translator to help you translate any content in the site simply and we also tried to make our content certified and legal.

Why we use the name “Blue Pen”

The word “Blue” means dedications, zeal, work hard and focus While the word “Pen” means writting.

The real thing about this site is having direct points on those who really need it,

It gives chance to the expected audience to contribute by asking question through comment boxes.

We use a sensitive references and skillful individuals to integrate our contents make them simple and easier to understand.

We also promised to dedicate ourselves to look and jourt a meaningful documentaries for our audience.

Who are we?

We are Bluepenists ready to put down our best in creating awareness to what is currently happening in and out the universe.

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